Women Creating Change
Women Creating Change
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Who We Are

We are a community of female artists bridging cultural and religious barriers by championing creative, inclusive collaborations through filmmaking.

Founded by women raised throughout the war torn Middle East and its neighboring countries, we are dedicated to establishing a space for peaceful co-existence and honest, substantive dialogue around today’s issues.

Ultimately, we aim to spotlight and impact the cultural parity facing women in entertainment and believe that together, our similarities are greater than our differences.

Our Mission & Vision

Our initiative maintains three core principles
Bridging Communities  /  Empowering Women  /  Creating Opportunity
Our mission is delivered through education, youth development, mentorship, workshops, screenings and panel discussions with leading experts in entertainment.

We envision an empowered and diverse community rooted in creative collaborative dialogue between Middle Eastern filmmakers with the aim to address global problems and gender inequality.


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We're proud to be collaborating with these great sponsors


Lee Broda

Lee Broda

Lee Broda is recognized as one of the most prolific female independent producers in Hollywood. She is the founder of LB Entertainment, which develops, finances, and produces major independent films, which have premiered in the world’s top film festivals garnering international recognition, and winning many awards.
Inbal-Rotem Sagiv

Inbal-Rotem Sagiv

Executive Director
Inbal-Rotem Sagiv is a producer and an acclaimed singer-songwriter of Israeli descent. Her body of work includes numerous award-winning projects across film, TV, stage and digital platforms. As an artist she aspires to bring life to projects of artistic and documentary importance, and shine spotlights on the human drama we encounter every day, yet seldom face.
Nina N. Ameri, Esq.

Nina N. Ameri, Esq.

Legal Advisor
Nina N. Ameri, Esq. has vast experience in the field of entertainment law. Mrs. Ameri specializes in film, television and new media transactions with a specialization in the development, production and distribution of independent films.
Nawal Bengholam

Nawal Bengholam

Made in Morocco, and shaped by unquenchable wanderlust, Nawal is a multi-hyphenate actress/producer/acting studio director/teacher by trade and a multi-charity group member /philanthropist/ traveler at heart.
Natasha Kermani

Natasha Kermani

Natasha Kermani is a writer and director based out of Los Angeles, and the co-founder of Illium Pictures. Natasha’s Iranian-American heritage, her interest in female-led stories, and her love for genre-filmmaking all converge in her work - a lyrical exploration of how we experience the world around us.
Shelly Skandrani

Shelly Skandrani

Shelly Skandrani is an award winning actress, writer and director, who was born in Israel to Egyptian and Turkish parents, and grew up in England. She is most known for her critically acclaimed role in Showtime's Holocaust film "The Devil's Arithmetic". Shelly is passionate about human rights, her work as a writer/director brings to light social issues in thought provoking ways.
Natalie Marciano

Natalie Marciano

Natalie Marciano is a Canadian Writer and Comedian based in Los Angeles. She began her career behind the scenes at Showtime in Publicity/ Talent Relations. Natalie’s passion for comedy and telling powerful female driven stories combined with her Moroccan-Israeli background led her to becoming a creator. She currently has several projects in development.
Reem Edan

Reem Edan

Reem is an Iraqi-American writer, actor and international standup comedian. Prior to establishing herself as a performer, she held positions in marketing and publicity at Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and STX Entertainment. Reem is a scholarship recipient at the Groundlings and was chosen to participate in the MGM Writing Program. She can be seen on WhoHaha, SWAAY Media, and touring colleges and clubs around the US​.
Eliya Reis

Eliya Reis

Eliya graduated from the Columbia University School of The Arts with a Film Directing MFA Degree in 2013. Over the years Eliya has directed 7 short films, which were shown in a number of film festivals around the world and on Israeli national TV.
Reem Kadem

Reem Kadem

A first generation Iraqi American, Reem is the four time international award winning actress of the title starring role in "Nawal the Jewel", inspired by the true story of Reyhaneh Jabbari. She also portrays one of the lead gang members in the James Franco film, "Revenge Ride". She has gained honors for her work as a screenwriter - has been optioned, a work-for-hire, and endorsed as a script consultant, by Academy Award Winning, Sundance, and Emmy Nominated Industry.
Micky Levy

Micky Levy

Micky is an Israeli writer and director. Rails & Ties was her first produced feature screenplay. Directed by Alison Eastwood and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Since then, Micky has completed several book adaptations, including lifetime's AMISH GRACE for which she received a Humanities Prize nomination.


We're proud to be collaborating with these great partners